Don't just read a story -- engage with it!






Transmedia Realm* is a revolutionary platform which blends social video game mechanics with narrative to allow creatives to BUILD, DISTRIBUTE, and ENGAGE fans in multi-media story worlds. Don't just read a story--engage with it.


(*Formally Transmedia Story Stream)

* indicates required




Adding in social game mechanics creates an entirely new level of reading experience with the possibility of curating a global reading club.

Hidden Object     |     Puzzle Word Search     |     Multi-player Quiz

Readers earn badges, rewards, and points by participating in the story individually or with friends.



No need to be locked away from your audience. No need to upgrade an app. No need to pay a "30% tax" or more for no added distribution value.

If you so choose, you can extend your story world by adding audio, video, games and live events. In this manner, fans unlock more story by sharing, making, collecting and doing.

Own & engage your audience directly.

By owning your audience you can directly engage them to lower your marketing costs. You can incentivize fans to spread word of mouth through a fan affiliate program. You can extend your audience reach with Storyteller Co-marketing Campaigns where you pair up with another creator to market to your audiences.

“One of the features that drew me to being a launch author on Transmedia Story Stream is my ability to own and directly engage my audience. Amazon, Apple, GooglePlay, or other distributors do not allow me to reward my fans for their purchase, for reviewing a book, or for recommending one to friends. With Transmedia Story Stream, I am free to extend my story beyond text, while offering my audience an amazing array of prizes for their participation.”


Colleen Gleason,

NY Times & USA Today

Bestselling author of romance and paranormal

Email & Push Notifications   |  Text, Video, Photo Sharing

Fan Affiliate Program   |    Storyteller Co-Marketing Campaign

Story worlds are built within mobile and tablet optimized HTML5 web pages, which means they can be viewed on any connected device, mobile, tablet or desktop, and any platform Apple, Android, Windows, etc.

Step out of the box and into the cloud

Build your story world with an in-browser drag-and-drag interface. No coding required.



New options to earn money from your story include (1) micropayments, where a fan has to pay a small sum to unlock additional content; (2) subscription service, if you chose to stream a series or have a young target audience; and (3) in-story sponsorships or

in-context advertising.

“As a rule, we tend to shy away from transmedia software endorsements, but after examining your product, it’s clear that you are enhancing personal artistic expression, the storytelling itself. The platform is among the clearest and most user-friendly interfaces I’ve seen.”


Jeff Gomez,

World Renowned Transmedia Producer

& Co-Founder of Starlight Runner


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