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the Team

Karen Snyder

CEO & Transmedia Producer of Kazap Company


Karen Snyder a.k.a. KYS Realm, is a transmedia  producer with over 12 years of experience in multi-media and video game development. She is the creator of "The Elements Club", the world's first transmedia romance series. She is acting as Lead Visionary for the Transmedia Realm platform.

Rasheed Rabata

Founder & CEO of Capella Solutions


The founder of Capella Solutions, an emerging software solutions and consulting firm, Rasheed creates innovative solutions with highly functional interactive experiences that bring together business processes, technology and people. His background includes  over seven years of designing frameworks and architectural foundations for multiple successful large-scale data conversions.

Special thanks to these kind souls who have graciously given their time, connections, wisdom, and advise.

Eric Goldberg

Entrepreneur / executive / consultant in Game, Virtual World, Consumer Internet, Mobile, and Monetization sectors

Jeff Gomez

CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment, World Renowned Transmedia Producer

Sébastien Motte

Founder at MINTONIC

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